Zvikomborero Parafini 

IN a bizarre incident, a 24-year-old man was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by two men who were part of a team that was conducting an HIV awareness campaign at Southlea Park Shopping Centre.

Lionel Chipunza, who is employed by New Start Centre, and Edwin Geni, appeared before regional magistrate Donald Ndirowei, who remanded them in custody.

They were advised to approach the High Court for bail considerations.

The court heard that last Wednesday, Chipunza and his workmates were conducting an HIV testing and awareness campaign at Candy Shopping Centre in Southlea Park.

The complainant decided to get tested and his personal details were captured. 

Chipunza allegedly then told the complainant that they would conduct a programme for the youths at Hopley Old Clinic and he was also welcome to attend.

On Friday, Chipunza called the complainant, advising him to attend a drug awareness programme and he attended.

Chipunza then approached the complainant and started inquiring about his personal information.

The complainant revealed that he was a driver and Chipunza offered to get him a job.

Chipunza then suggested that they go and see his brother at Blue Complex Shops in Hopely.

However the brother never showed up until it was late.

As they were waiting, a black Honda Fit, with unknown men, arrived and Chipunza and Geni bundled the complainant into the car and drove to Chipunza’s house.

Chipunza then forced the complainant to drink a small tablet at knife point before he sexually assaulted him.

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