Man smashes 29 window panes

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Man smashes 29 window panes


20 July 2018

A CHINAMHORA villager is at odds with her nephew after he destroyed 29 window panes at their family house.

This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Rosemary Mukwesha hauled her nephew Tendai Mukwesha seeking a protection order citing verbal, physical and emotional abuse.

“Your Honour, I want Tendai barred from visiting the place where I stay.

“He has his own place he inherited from his parents therefore there is no need for him to come and disturb my peace.

“I am disturbed by his insults which have led to the deterioration of my health.

“I am diabetic and because of old age, I suffer from high blood pressure,” she said.

Rosemary also accused her nephew of vandalising her property.

“He is in a habit of destroying family property, he once came to the family house where I stay and destroyed 29 window panes.

“I was the one who took care of him after his mother’s death when he was still a child. I do not know why he comes to my place to harass me and threaten me with eviction.

“He once showed me his private organ and told me that he is the heir of the Mukweshas and I should leave my place of residence where I inherited the family house.

“I am the only surviving child from my parents and I have been living at the place long before my parents died,” said Rosemary.

In response, Tendai denied the allegations.

“Your Worship, the house does not solely belong to her. There is tension between us because she is staying at the family house with the children that do not belong to the Mukwesha family.

“She is in the habit of making false allegations. This is not the first time she is making this up; she has done it before with matters that are pending at the criminal court.

“I cannot be barred from visiting the house because I am entitled to visit our family house as a member of the family.

“I am not opposed to the granting of the protection order,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti postponed the matter to July 23.

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