Man stabbed to death over US$1

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A BINDURA man was stabbed to death in a dispute over US$1 on February 16.

Cephas Munyowani (34) of Masere village was stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife by the accused, Aleck Joseph Bembenene (23).

It was reported that Munyowani, who was in the company of one Gilbert Nzonzera, met Bembenene at a grinding mill where he was buying chicken feed.

Mashonaland Central deputy provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Tony Nyandoro, confirmed the incident.

He said Bembenene asked Munyowani and Nzonzera to help him carry the chicken feed to his homestead and he would give them US$1 and opaque beer as payment, and they agreed.

The two carried the chicken feed to Bembenene’s homestead and were paid.

“At around 9pm, the pair went to Sonata Muchenje’s homestead where they were digging a well.

“Bembenene followed them and found the pair in the company of Farai Kaseza and Allen Purazi of Muchenje Village, Bindura.

“The accused started demanding his US$1 back from Munyowani, who refused, insisting that he had fulfilled his duty.

“Bembenene confronted Munyowani and they started to wrestle. He stabbed Munyowani once in the stomach with a kitchen knife and ran away,” said Ass-Insp Nyandoro.

Munyowani gave chase while crying for help, but he collapsed with his intestines protruding.

Nzonzera tried to render first aid and rushed him to Shamva Hospital where he was admitted.

Bembenene was apprehended the following day at around 7pm by members of the public who handed him over to the Nyava Police Base.

Munyowani died two days later.

Asst Insp Nyandoro urged residents not to take the law into their own hands.

“Desist from taking the law into your own hands. Respect the sanctity of life and seek the services of the police, traditional leaders, professional counsellors or church leaders whenever you face challenges.”

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