Tafara Chibanda

A DESPERATE man stole a cow to generate money to pay lobola, but he will forever regret his decision after he was jailed for nine years.

Locky Chigwegwe (19), of Nyawiswa Village in Karoi, was convicted at the Karoi Magistrates Court for stock theft.

The incident occurred on the evening of April 12 at the Dabvu homestead. 

The complainant had secured his herd of cattle for the night, but Chigwegwe broke through the security barriers to steal a black cow.

The stolen cow was valued at US$400.

The following day, Chigwegwe used the stolen cow to pay lobola to a man called Wamiridza at Muchena Village.

The following day Chigwegwe noticed that one of his cows was missing and reported the theft to the police. Investigations led authorities to Wamiridza, who was found in possession of the stolen cow Chigwegwe had used to pay lobola.

He led the police to Chigwegwe.

Chigwegwe was subsequently arrested and charged with stock theft and sentenced to nine years in prison.

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