AN explosive update in Mason Greenwood’s future can be revealed as Manchester United are set to DUMP the star out of the squad.

The dramatic U-turn comes after uproar online saw the Premier League club face backlash from fans at the prospect of Greenwood, 21, making a comeback.

The striker was suspended and hasn’t kicked a ball for the club since January 2022 after he was arrested.

United were ready to announce on Tuesday that he was returning to the fold.

But since that news leaked there has been a backlash on social media which has rocked the club hierarchy – who now believe there can be no way back.

But charges against him of attempted rape, assault and coercive control were dropped last February.

The player was still barred from the Carrington Training Ground while United conducted their own investigation. That has been completed and all the evidence has been handed to Chief Executive Richard Arnold, who was tasked with the final decision.

He was expected to bring Greenwood back with Arnold even filming an explanation as to why they have come to that decision.

It was set to air next week.

SunSport understands that has since been shelved as the club rapidly rewrite their statements.

As news emerged that he would be returning television presenter Rachel Riley, 37, came out saying she would no longer support the club if that happened.

In a social media post last Thursday she said: “I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club.”

There were also stories of some club staff threatening to strike.

A group calling itself ‘Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return’ came out with a strongly worded statement against his return. And a domestic abuse campaigner accused footballers and pundits of being silent over the issue.

David Challen’s mother Sally was released from jail after her conviction for murdering her abusive husband was reduced to manslaughter.

David tweeted: “Thus far no big male players/ex-players or pundits have spoken out about Greenwood.

“All for talking a good game about inclusivity and #HerGameToo but when it comes to speaking out against male violence against women they are nowhere to be seen.”

It is unclear what United are now going to do with the player still being paid his £75,000 a week contract as it still has two years left to run with the option of a further year.

There will be legal implications about cancelling that as he has not been found guilty of anything after charges were dropped.

The club may look to offer him out on loan but so far there have been no firm offers from any club to take him.

As part of a statement released by the club last Wednesday they made it clear they had responsibilities to the player as well his alleged victim.

It read: “Throughout this process, the welfare and perspective of the alleged victim has been central to the club’s inquiries, and we respect her right to lifelong anonymity.

We also have responsibilities to Mason as an employee, as a young person who has been with the club since the age of seven, and as a new father with a partner.”

The U-turn comes after The Sun previously revealed Man Utd’s chief exec Arnold was ready to hand the footballer a second chance.

But Natalie Burrell, founder of Manchester United’s Women’s Supporters’ Club, said his comeback would make Old Trafford “toxic” and full of booing”.

Despite Utd manager Erik ten Hag and the majority of the team suggesting they were open to the idea of bringing him back, the women’s team were understood to have reservations.

And protests were staged at Old Trafford before United’s opening match of the season against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday by fans not wanting him back. Sun.

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