Lovemore Chazingwa in KADOMA

A KADOMA man, who broke his left ankle while dancing to the hit song Kujatajata by Bio Mudhimba at a local sports bar, feels there could be more to his injury.

Amos Janga had one dance too many, resulting in him sustaining a broken ankle.

He now even believes his injury has something to do with juju.

“I was enjoying myself dancing to Kujatajata at Mai Pau Sports Bar towards the end of last year, the festive season.

“I suddenly felt some pain in my ankle and could not continue.

“What I thought was a minor injury has turned out to be a big thing.

“I was medically examined and told my ankle had fractured.”

He added: “A plaster was recommended.

“To my utter surprise, I never healed, they had to remove the old plaster and administer two plasters on the ankle and they seem to have worked better.

“Because of that, I am sometimes able to walk on my own, without the aid of crutches.

“But, I sometimes feel sharp pain, especially during cold weather conditions or after I do some strenuous tasks.

“You can imagine the pain, especially in the cold, brother.”

He feels that he was targeted by some fellow dealers who are jealous of his success as a money changer.

“I think there are some people who frowned at my way of doing things at the Kumboyedza trading area in Rimuka here where I work.

“I had managed to buy a double cab vehicle within a short period.

“That must have irked my detractors who I think had a hand in this suspicious injury.”

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