Manager offers $50

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Manager offers $50


4 January 2019

Letwin Ncube

A MANAGER at Premier Service Medical Aid Society yesterday offered $50 maintenance for his child’s upkeep.

The manager – only identified as Mubaiwa – offered $50 from the $400 his former wife, Patricia Nyamusara had claimed at the Harare Civil Court.

“I cannot give her that amount since I have other responsibilities. I have a wife and six children.

“I’m offering $50 for my child,” said Mubaiwa.

Nyamusara had requested $400 maintenance saying Mubaiwa earns $1000 per month and was able the amount she claimed.

Mubaiwa disputed the amount Nyamusara said he is earning.

“I do not earn $1000 like she say but my salary amounts to $846.

“I pay $1 400 school fees for my children per term,” he added.

Nyamusara told the court that Mubaiwa has only four children.

“He has four children that I know of.

“I’m into buying and selling of Avon products and get $50 per month from it.

“The amount he offers is little basing on what I earn to chip in for the child’s welfare,” said Nyamusara.

The presiding magistrate ordered Mubaiwa to pay $70 maintenance per month with effect from January 31.


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