Managing the kitchen not easy- Garakara

09 Apr, 2020 - 15:04 0 Views
Managing the kitchen not easy- Garakara Joseph Garakara


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SUNGURA artiste Joseph Garakara says managing kitchen affairs is a daunting task which requires men’s cooperation.

The Idya Banana singer, who has been confined at his Glen Norah home during the ongoing lockdown period, said women need to be complemented when they demand money for to buy basics.

“I have realised that women are heroes who need to be saluted for being economic when it comes to managing their kitchens, especially basics like salt, greens (vegetables), cooking oil and even salt.

“To most of us men who are hardly home, we take women for troublesome people when they demand money to buy veggies on daily basis.

“In my case, I have discovered that the money we give women will never be enough for them to prepare us delicious meals we all yearn for,” he said.

Garakara said he has also managed to discover some of the hidden traits of his children.

“Children are very adventurous and I have only discovered some of the trails I didn’t know about them since I welcomed them to this world.

“As parents, we need to be close to our children as they need us to assist them a lot, especially during these trying times,” he said.

He also revealed that the lockdown period has also inspired him to write a book likely to be used in schools if endorsed by education chiefs.

“I’m currently writing an academic book on Visual  and Performing Arts which I hope will be considered for the new curriculum.

“I have managed to get information which us vital for the publication of the book,” he said.

Like any other artiste, Garakara said the Covid-19 pandemic has also stalled his progress.

“I wanted to launch my eight album titled Mbama yeMambunge but I have since stopped because of Covid-19.

“It’s an album which I hoped many people would embrace but I will wait till the situation is normal.

“As an artistem, I always want to give my fans good stuff  and  I have  been doing that with each projected I have recorded,” he added.

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