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Trust Khosa
AWARD-WINNING gospel artist, Minister Michael Mahendere, says the late Zex Manatsa was a loving husband, who loved and trusted his wife of 50 years.

He said there are few celebrities, who can clock half-a-century, with their spouses in showbiz.

“I have always respected this man for having faith in his wife Stella after staying together for 50 years, which is not a joke at all.

“I have seen a number of marriages, involving celebrities, collapsing or ending prematurely due to cheating or some other forms of abuse.

“With Baba Manatsa and his wife Stella, we have noted that it takes a lot of faith and trust for marriages to last.

“I have realised that in life we need to settle down with partners that want to build a future with you.

“In the case of the Manatsas, I think they had a better way to address their problems and only the mother knows better,” he said.

Mahendere said he liked the way Manatsa composed his songs and was dreaming of a collaboration with him, before he died.

“It was every artist’s dream to have a collaboration with him and, in my case, I liked the way he composed his songs and the musical arrangement.

“I have actually borrowed some of the lines in his previous albums that I will incorporate in my music.

“It’s always good learning from the best like Zex Manatsa, who was an easy-going fellow, who enjoyed music.

“The other thing that I liked about him is that he put his family first and everything they did, they did as a family,” he said.

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