Mangwenya challenges trolls

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Mangwenya challenges trolls Mangwenya


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OUTSPOKEN Mbira player and spiritualist Diana “Mangwenya’” Samkange says Zimbabweans need homour in such trying times.

She said this after being trolled on social media after she “begged” Nash TV’s top brass for a slot as she claimed the Covid-19 lockdown was taking its toll in musicians’ homes.

Mangwenya said she only made the plea that she was now stuck at the farm where she was now depending on soya chunks.

She said she joked that she was now surviving on soya chunks diet at in the farm, which some online publications claimed Mangwenya had fallen on hard times.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mangwenya who is no new-comer when it comes for the need of equality when it comes to music promotions said she was only fighting for her own fellow female artistes.

“Firstly, I have respect for Nash TV because they are a leading example of promoters whom when artistes speak, the listen and act for the betterment of the music industry nekuti kutaurirana kunzwanana,” said Mangwenya who was recently blessed with a baby girl.

She said while social media users had a field day when she made her plea, albeit in a jest, Nash TV bosses have since taken her wish seriously.

“Plans have already begun between Nash TV and Ancient by Mangwenya Music to work as I have been offered an opportunity to record my first ever studio video by Nash TV.

“It is indeed a milestone for me and I am grateful to Nash Tv for such an opportunity,” she said.

However, Mangwenya had not kind words for the online publications which mocked her stance.

“To the journalist who wrote that terrible story ini sa Mangwenya ndinoti you are an example of journalists the nation does not need.

“Proper journalism requires a journalist to follow up and call the character in question for an interview to confirm your claims before writing an article.

“If there is need please make your way to my farm to collect tuition fees so that you return to school of journalism.

“I am known to be a female musician who preaches peace and stability but for the first time in my music career, I need to be allowed a chance to confront such journalists,” she said.

Her inner circle said Mangwenya still remains committed towards the empowerment of female artistes.

She said music promoters holding online gigs needed to remember female artistes who are struggling to make ends meet.

In recent years, she made her plea to the organisers of Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo’s home-coming show after 14 years in diaspora and she got the slot.

Although she was not part of the line-up, she got the slot after voicing her consent.

She returned the favour by delivering a polished act.

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