Mangwiro cries foul

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Mangwiro cries foul Taurai Mangwiro


Blessing Malinganiza , Sports Reporter

Triangle coach Taurai Mangwiro has blasted Black Rhinos delaying tactics implying that their opponents were doing that under instructions as they lost 2-1 at the National Sports Stadium.

Vincent Mhandu and Wellington Taderera were  on target for Rhinos as Taderera  tallied  his goals to three this season while Ralph Kawondera was on target for Triangle.

Last week Harare City coach Mark Harrison was left frustrated calling Zimbabwean football backwards.

Rhinos tactics saw goalkeeper Ashley Rayners getting a yellow card and getting another one on Saturday. Farai Banda was also punished which will see him miss his next match.

“Today I would say the defending was just poor, that’s the punishment you get.

“It’s not about [pointing at individuals, it’s about pointing at our team, the whole unit.

“As a coach I shoulder the blame but we shouldn’t despair, it’s early days. Today what impressed me the most was the officiating. I thought the referee handled the match well.

“No complains about the officiating but as a team, we didn’t do much in terms of completing our runs and finishing up our attacks,” he said.

He added:

“The players normally do what they would have been told, so what you saw from Rhinos there is no price for getting where it is coming from.

“I am happy today because the referee did not let it go unpunished. He was there to question the goalkeeper because we’ve seen in a number of games goalkeepers and players do that and go unpunished.

“Players faking injury and get away with it but today, the referee handled the situation very well.

“Its lessons that they have learnt and I am sure that they will do that in their next game because you will continue accruing yellow cards and that means you will miss some matches. So I thought it’s a good lesson.”

Rhinos coach Herbet Maruwa was a happy man after collecting maximum points and he defended his players saying they were injured.

“So far so good we are in the right track. I just told the boys that even though they score keep on fighting, put on everything and they managed to do that.

“Taderera is doing well, he scored two last week and one in this game. It’s not delay if someone is injured, he is injured

“We registered 30 players so anyone can play,” he said.


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