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REGGAE crooner, Emmanuel “Mannex” Motsi, has released a love song titled Ndide featuring Pauline Gundidza.

The former Bootkin Clan member said the song was dedicated to lovebirds as we draw closer to the month of love.

“The song was inspired by love as we go towards the month of love when we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I thought I should write lyrics for guys who love a girl and want to show her how much he can do for her if she just gives him a little time.

“However, women always have second thoughts because of heartbreaks so they tend to put barriers, making it hard,” he said.

Mannex said he was happy with the production quality after engaging new producers.

“The producer’s name is Good Kid who created the riddim and recorded me and Pauline at the newly established Afrotonic Sound Studio where Fuzzy L is the chief director.

Pauline Gundidza

“As for the video, we are working on it as fast as we can and it’s definitely on the way,” he said.

Mannex hailed Pauline as a professional.

“With Pauline, we go way back doing shows with Mafrique going on one bus for the State sponsored musical galas around the country in the urban groove days, so working together and doing this song was an experience and lots of fun.

“I didn’t choose Pauline for this song, the song chose her.

“Both Pauline and Fuzzy L are running the studio, so fate made me record with her as she was present plus we had been talking about a collaboration for years now, it’s been a long time coming.”

“This collaboration is unique as it’s a first for me to do a love song featuring a lady answering my proposal sort of like Mukadota and Katarina type of songs.

“There is a very deep bass line full of that vibe that will make you move and dance even when you are feeling down and out, then it leaves you full of love feelings.

“So it’s great for those falling in love and those who are in love as a reminder to hold on to your loved ones.”

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