Man’s wife, girlfriend, fight

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Man’s wife, girlfriend, fight


8 November 2018

Kelly Tafi

A HARARE woman has hauled her husband’s girlfriend to court citing physical and verbal abuse.

Joyce Chiteto dragged Memory Jokonya to Harare Civil Court applying for a peace order saying that she no longer wanted her in her house.

“She is not my husband’s second wife; she is his girlfriend.

“We are staying at the same house but I no longer want her there.

“The house belongs to me and my husband.

“I am not saying they should terminate their relationship. I just want peace in my house.

“I tried to talk to my husband but he doesn’t even listen to me.”

In response, Memory told the court that she was the first wife and the house belonged to all of them.

“Yes, your worship we are staying at the same house.

“This man is our husband and I am the third wife and she is the fourth wife.

“Our husband had a first wife but she made her go and the second wife died.

“She is the one who is aggressive.

“She once hired her friends to come and beat me.

“She has a habit of taking my shoes on the door step.

“Joyce once poured sugar in our car’s carburettor.”

Memory was advised to stop confusing the court and then she explained that she started staying with her husband in 2001 and the bride price was paid in 2009.

“We acquired the house in 2001 the four of us, my husband, first wife, her and me.

“I got married in 2009; I mean the paying of bride price.

The court asked the husband Jethro Masona to come and testify the situation at his house with his wives.

“Both of them are my wives.

“I got married to Memory in 1997 and I don’t remember when I married Joyce.

“The thing is Joyce doesn’t understand and she is too abusive.

“I just want peace in my house,” said Jethro.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo dismissed the application saying the applicant Joyce was the one who was aggressive.

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