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SABASTIAN Magacha says many celebrities are surrounded by fake friends who pretend to show them love, especially on social media.

He said it was rare for celebrities to find all-weather friends.

The award-winning musician was touched by the support he received from writer, Desmond Chikamhi, during his mother’s funeral in March.

Magacha was a guest performer at Chikamhi’s book launch held in Harare recently.

“I only met this guy at my mother’s funeral and we easily clicked. He told me that he was my fan and I was shocked to learn that he was a powerful man who is multi-tasking.

“From that day, we have become friends and I also promised to show him love as a reciprocal gesture. He is now part of my family and now a fan,” he said.

Magacha told H-Metro that many celebrities were surrounded by fake friends.

“All-weather friends are few and I am a living testimony to that effect.

“To be honest with you, when you get in trouble or grief, you will certainly identify the real people who are behind you.

“Some pretend to love you but deep down their hearts they will not mean it.”

He added: “In showbiz, we need these synergies and God has a mysterious way of linking us with powerful people.

“I have seen it all as an artist because I have worked with several people, including school children.”

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