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JANET Manyowa’s handlers yesterday hailed South Africa-based music producer, Andrew Baird, for his role in refining the diva’s music.

The Janet Manyowa Music camp said the diva had ‘‘chemistry’’ with Baird, who has also produced for Kudzai Sevenzo and the Celebration Choir, in the past.

Baird has produced 19 of Janet Manyowa’s songs, including the trending Vaudze, and last year’s chart-topper, Many Blessings.

The song Many Blessings won The Best of Africa gong at the 13th edition of the SABC Gospel Crown Awards.

“One of the things I love about Janet Manyowa the most is that she is very natural.

“Singing and performing comes naturally from her, which is a true mark of a great artist, which is talent plus work.

“It’s very rewarding with someone like that,” he said.

Asked how he was linked to Janet, he explained: “A mutual friend who produced the first album suggested a second track and Janet sang it for me and we just refined it.

“We clicked and she liked my first verse in the song Zadzisa, her breakout song, that is how it all started in 2017. It’s always great (producing an artist who won awards) but we don’t do it for the awards. To me, the most rewarding thing is the feedback that you get from people.”

He praised the diva for her professionalism.

The singer’s husband-cum-manager, Munyaradzi Manyowa, described Baird as a creative genius.

“Andrew Baird is a world-class producer.

“He is immensely talented in terms of song-writing, music arrangement and mixing.  His interpretation of music is amazing,” he said. Manyowa said they will continue working with Baird. “We started working with him on the hit single Zadzisa, there was a significant transformation to our sound and musical approach. He also understands Janet Manyowa’s voice and the rapport has been very good.

“We’ve had fun working together.

“He has recorded 19 songs by Janet Manyowa to date,” he said.

Buoyed by the instant success of Vaudze, the manager has also lined up a tour.

“We will tour three cities. We will let the fans decide which of the three through a public vote we conducted on our Facebook Page.

“A concert will be done in each of the three cities. We have already secured the sound gear and tentative venues in the various cities.

“The Team is ready and pumped up for this and dates have already been set aside,” he said. Manyowa has also expressed his delight over the impact Vaudze had on social media.

“The response to Vaudze has been very, very good, judging from the general response.

“The video is trending on YouTube and has over a 100,000 hits in less than a week.

“We believe in writing good songs, which are produced to the best quality, accompanied by world-class visuals.

“That could be the trick,” said.

Despite the success of their recent song, JMM management said they will not rest on their laurels. We continue to work hard. JMM will release an album this year, hopefully this will maintain the momentum as we increase our discography significantly.

“The Vaudze tour will also keep us connected with the listeners”

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