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Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

SPAIN-BASED Warriors goalie — Martin Mapisa — says he had been looking forward to his debut in the senior team.

The Velez goalkeeper featured in a makeshift Zimbabwe team in their final qualifier for the 2022 Afcon against Zambia at the National Sports Stadium, which the visitors won 2-0.


“It’s been my prayer to play for the senior team.


“I am so happy that l played. I never thought I would play because many people deserved to play, though we lost on my debut.


“But I am just grateful that I played. I just want to thank God for that and giving me the talent to play the beautiful sport.


“I also want to thank the coaches for putting their trust in me. I’m so grateful it shows that they have faith in me,” he said.


The Young Warriors first choice goalkeeper expects to get more call-ups.


“I would like to get more outings with the senior team. I believe that I still have to learn from the big guys so it would be nice if I’m with them.


“Maybe in time I can also command the first team place.


“But overall, it was quite an experience and I received a lot of support from my teammates even before the game and also on social media, people were wishing me the best and looking forward to my debut.


“And I want to thank everyone for their support and having faith in me, I tried as much as possible not to disappoint but it’s a learning phase and will perfect on what needs to be perfected.”


He added: “But generally the support was overwhelming and I got into the game with confidence, my team mates told me not to be nervous and they encouraged me.


“So it was a good game for me, I tried not to make blunders and all.


“So I’m grateful to my team mates, coaches and the fans,” he said.

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