Marechera legacy lives on

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Marechera legacy lives on Temba Munsaka


Curtworth Masango, Entertainment Reporter

Author and poet Temba Munsaka reckons the late Dambudzo Marechera’s legacy lives on as Zimbabwe has produced more fine writers.

He said life without poetry, art and philosophy is impossible as it relates with daily life struggles.


Temba said he is inspired to write from his life experiences and struggles and his novels are action packed and illuminates the reality of our day to day lives.


He is happy that a generation of “Marecherian” scholars have emerged and him one of them who have taken the legacy of Dambudzo Marechera to the next level assuring its existence.


In an interview, he said:


“There has been a lot of resemblance with my poetry work and that of Dambudzo Marechera. It should be noted that “Maracherian” scholars are all over the country and abroad.


“I write with clarity of the mind and I write for myself mostly to appease this anger within. If it was the case with Dambudzo it’s also the case with me.


“Remember I was born in Sinamsanga Binga and I have a rural schooling background. I had to defy odds, I heard wild animals at times especially elephants along the mighty Zambezi river.


“A big bond was created within me and I was an avid reader and it became easier for me churning the energy into writing. So at times when I feel sick in the mind I convert the energy into writing as I escape the tulmutous madness that haunt us in real life.”


Munsaka calls himself a conduit for troubled and twisted minds which he puts on paper despite it being poetry or prose which makes it impossible for life without poetry, art or philosophy.


“I am neither a poet nor a writer. I have zilch interest in the two. I am merely a conduit for troubled and twisted thoughts that I commit to calligraphy. Life would be impossible without poetry, art and philosophy.”


“I am an enigma, not to be understood nor studied. My mind has an imaginary capacity that transcends commonality and the grasps of man. I defer only to my Creator and my spiritual father,” he added.


The author has penned prose collections namely, Collective Madness, The fall of a despot and Thoughts of a demented scribe. All these books portray dark themes.


Temba has also offered an anthology, Ode to Shawna in 2017 and is set to publish his new offering titled when Death walk the anthology.

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