Mariachi makes a comeback

29 May, 2018 - 17:05 0 Views
Mariachi makes a comeback


29 May 2018

HIP-HOP powerhouse member Mariachi of MMT will be rebranding and repositioning himself on the market.

The rapper, affectionately known as Muzukuru said though the group is still existent he is pursuing personal growth.

He no longer wants to be known only as an English rapper.

Mariachi whose Ngaanake single has been on high rotation, recently released a video to the track where his shona flows were exhibited.

“When my career started off I was known as purely an English rapper but as time went on I’ve adopted the use of my mother tongue and it’s very evident in my music and also my subject matter.

“Before it was just mainly people who were into the genre that appreciated my music, but with the evolution my music now speaks to those beyond the genre, which as an artist is what we strive for.

“With the constant need to evolve and grow both musically and as a person, I strongly felt that my brand also had to make that paradigm shift.

“As an artist who has been away for a while, 2018 is more of my come back year and everything I do from here is just a build up to the plans and ideas we birthed over a decade ago,” he told H-Metro.

He has since signed a publishing deal with South Africa’s Virnew Music, a move which Mariachi says will help broaden his audience.

The artiste revealed that he is currently working on a number of projects and is in no hurry to produce an album.

“I’m working on a body of songs, once I reach a certain number and I believe they are good enough to package as an album then I will release one.

“Artists make the mistake of thinking that they always have to pump out albums, that pressure leads to subpar projects and I’m taking my time on this one after all this is the comeback,” Mariachi said.

Mariachi last worked with his group members in 2015 when they released Live for today before they went on hiatus.

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