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26 June 2018

FORMER DYNAMOS and Gunners striker Norman Maroto, who holds a record of 22 goals in a season, said current premier league strikers are not to blame for the lack of goals in the league.

The premier league top strikers are yet to reach the 20 goal mark in a season after Maroto set a record of 22 goals in 2010 at now defunct Gunners.

“The problem is not mainly about the strikers but the team set up in today’s football, most strikers are playing with the target man so most of the time they are giving shape to the team.

“The more responsibility to score in today’s game is on the attacking midfielders.

“Just look at the likes of Lionel Messi, Mohammad Salah and Christiano Ronaldo, they are not the main strikers but at the end of the season they come up as the top goal scorers.

“And their strikers, be it Suarez or Benzema, they give shape to the team,” said Maroto.

Maroto said today’s game is now scientific as compared to the time he played.

“Nothing much has changed in football but it is now more scientific than what it used to be during the days I played.

“However the same round ball we used is still the same with the one being used these days, I cannot say that football has totally changed besides the scientific part of it,” he said.

Maroto is currently employed at Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ) as the Communications Officer and he was part of the team that conducted training of players that are out of contract, yesterday at Motor Action Sports Club.

Speaking on the sidelines of the training Maroto said they are giving out of contract players a chance to showcase themselves.

“We are giving those players that are out of contract an opportunity to display their talent.

“There are so many talented players out there and sometimes it is difficult for coaches to see them so we create a platform for them to play and after assessment we invite the coaches to identify players they want, if they are interested their clubs can sign them,” said Maroto.

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