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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

SOCIAL media influencer, Kelly Kativhu, says her marriage break-up has motivated her to create funny videos earning herself more than 28 000 followers on Tik Tok, within a short space of time.

Kelly says her inspiration comes from comedienne Mai TT.

Kelly Kativhu

“I was going through some family and marriage problems that I can’t really reveal but it was bad.


“I didn’t want anyone else to go through that so I always wished to be a voice for someone who was in the same situation I was.

Kelly Kativhu

“I joined Tik Tok around June last year and the response has been amazing as the fans fight for me.


“Mai TT motivated me a lot since I grew up liking acting as I was doing it at high school.


“I saw her changing people’s lives but I could feel she was changing many lives,” she said.


Added Kelly:


“She changed my life since I was going through some challenges in life, and I would watch her videos and jokes.


“I was like, I can be like Mai TT and change someone’s life through smiling.


“I discovered that I am changing people’s lives.


“At times, it’s not like we have problems that need medication but we will be going through life’s problems.


“When I see the fans responding positively, it keeps me going and I am thankful because someone’s life changed because of that platform.


“The first time I joined Tik Tok, I was doing it for fun until many people began to ask for more.


“The videos have helped many women and that’s how I managed to dominate social media.”

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