Maria Chiguvari

SONGBIRD Ammara Brown says marriages are OVERRATED.

She has also given an insight into her late parents’ marriage.

Ammara stated that she was grateful that her late parents divorced as the marriage was affecting her as a child.

She is the daughter of the late Andy Brown and Soraya Khan who divorced when she was 11.

Ammara said this during her interview with Star FM.

“Kugarira vana, marriages are more draining for the kids.

 “I thank God my parents divorced, their marriage was not healthy. I saw too much, I saw things I should not have seen.

“I had convinced myself that I had dreamt about certain things, as a child I couldn’t really process that some of these things were not happening,” she said.

Ammara feels marriages are overrated.

“I did learn that it is very important for people to be happy in their relationships so when I was offered marriage at some point I refused.

“I was like no because I knew I wouldn’t be happy. 

“The reason was because men always preach about them being the head of the household,” she said.

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