Arron Nyamayaro

A MARRIED man was detained on Tuesday night at his lover’s house.

Mack Chiwanga eventually called for help after he was trapped in the bedroom of his lover, Alice Chirwa.

His wife was unaware of his whereabouts.

He accused Alice of luring him to her house, which she then locked and hid the keys.

“Please H-Metro can you rush here like now,” said Mack at around 2am.

“This lady seduced me and she ended up leading me to her house which she locked upon entering.

“Akuramba kundivhurira kuti ndiyende kumba kwangu kuZengeza 5.  

“Aviga makeys.

“Although we witnessed a robbery, I can safely go home and this time vendors are travelling to market places.”

Alice confirmed detaining Chiwanga, arguing that she was protecting him from robbers.

“I locked the door because it’s too dark and risky for him to walk home since he has no car.

“It is better for him to arrive home alive than dead.

“I will not unlock until it is safe for him to travel because we witnessed a serious robbery scene when a man was attacked and the robbers ran away leaving him bleeding,” said Alice.

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