Mathew Masinge

A LOCAL aircraft engineer allegedly lured his girlfriend into a relationship, promised to marry her in August before defrauding her of US$3k.

Forichi Ngorima met Chiedza Chimuka about six months ago and even threw a lavish birthday party for her where he proposed to her.

Chiedza claims she was later introduced to fake relatives by Forichi, all in a bid to deceive her into believing his antics.

She has filed for a final demand at the Mutare Small Claims Court where she has given Forichi a seven-day ultimatum before summons are issued against him.

Forichi, who has allegedly used the same modus operandi to dupe a number of people, has blocked communication lines with Amanda.

Recently, Amanda exposed Forichi’s actions on Facebook, where she also learnt that he was targeting various women, business and fuel stations.

“I never suspected that Forichi would con me, he is someone I trusted and loved. He is someone who loves a flashy life and drives expensive cars. We met in Mutare and he knew if he kept me close he would manipulate me through the love relationship.

“He told me he was a CIO agent but works for the Civil Aviation Authority and each time he came to Mutare he was booked at a local hotel with his friends.

“He also lied to me that he was single, yet he has a wife and children in Chiredzi.

“We would sometimes spend the weekend at his house in Harare and there was no sign that he is married and I was deceived.

“After discovering his marital status, I almost killed myself, ndakapotsa ndatomwa roga but I got help before I ended my life.”

She said she just wants to recover her money.

“I have tried to make a police report but was told to pursue the civil court route because they said there is no criminal element in our story.

“He always keeps his phone off and whenever he responds he doesn’t offer any solution,” she said.

The matter is yet to appear in court.

Forichi is expected to respond to Chiedza’s claims but on a seven-day ultimatum from the day he is served with the letter of demand.

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