Arron Nyamayaro

A CHITUNGWIZA woman says her husband’s married lover is intent on destroying her marriage with her relentless pursuit of her hubby.

Lenia Tazvivinga claims that Eunice Hazvinei Mazhakata has been sending seductive messages to her hubby, Vincent Tazvivinga, to visit her during the night.

Lenia said Eunice was also threatening to abandon her own marriage to become Vincent’s second wife if she did not allow her husband to have equal sexual relations with her.

She said Eunice had become a “thorn in my flesh” and is causing untold suffering to her family and affecting her work performance.

Ndoda kuzogara newe manje kana mudzimai wako achifunga kuti akangwara,” read one of the messages sent to Vincent by Eunice.

Lenia accused Eunice of verbally attacking her in front of people whenever she warns her to stay away from her husband.

“She is a marriage wrecker, heartless and too impish to be wife material.

“She hunts for my husband whenever her husband is away.

“Imagine, she begs to see him on the very day her husband leaves.

“My husband is regretting being seduced to sleep with her.

Avekutoshaya kuti omusiya sei, handizive kuti akadyiswa here kana kuti atove muranda werudo rwaHazvinei,” said Lenia.

Eunice confirmed bedding Vincent, but said she had stopped seeing him since her own husband returned from South Africa.

“We had some quality time with Vincent when my husband was away in South Africa,” said Eunice.

“I stopped seeing him when my husband returned, and he is in the country as we speak.

“Vincent’s wife confronted me over the affair and I did not argue with her,” she said.

Vincent also confirmed bedding Eunice and pleaded with H-Metro not to publish the story.

“Pakaipa wangu. I was seduced and gave in since the husband was away and he spent a long time in South Africa.

“The matter is hot at home, so please consider leaving the story because I have to protect my image as well,” said Vincent.

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