MARRIOT’S DEMBARE SALARY REVEALED . . . Strongman gets US$1 090 a month

Robson Sharuko


DYNAMOS strongman, Bernard Marriot, is paid a monthly salary of US$1 090, which includes US$90 DStv subscription, and also pockets some rich pickings from the club’s other revenue streams.

Marriot’s net monthly salary is a tax-free US$1 000 payment but he also gets a US90 payment, every month, to ensure his DStv subscription is fully paid for.

The club pay this amount as their agreement with Sakunda Holdings, who pay the salaries of their players and coaching staff, does not cover the salary, and DStv subscription, of the club’s strongman.

Marriot is the first, and only founding member of the Glamour Boys, to get a monthly salary. Some will argue it’s a fair return for Marriot especially at a club where the highest paid player gets US$1 800 a month.

However, concern has been raised as to why the other so-called seven shareholders, who are said to own the other 49 percent of the shares at Dynamos (Pvt) Ltd, the company which owns the club, are not even getting a CENT.

Marriot owns 51 percent of the shares, which is being disputed in court, while the other seven shareholders have an equal share of seven percent of the shares.

According to sources, Marriot also pockets significant earnings from other revenue streams, including the commission which DeMbare get for selling policies of their other sponsor, the Nyaradzo Group.

“The club uses its supporters’ chapters, spread across the country, to sell these policies and, in return, it gets a commission from Nyaradzo for the sales,” said a source.

“Some of the sales are in local currency and the other sales are in US dollars.

“So, the commission fluctuates, every month, depending on the sales and this money is for the boss (Marriot) and you can try and do the calculations but it can be a significant amount during the good months.”

The other revenue stream for Dynamos is the commission the club gets for the sale of replica jerseys by vendors.

“You will see that this revenue is not reflected on the club’s books, even though commissions have been paid since the days when the club was using the Looks kit, because the revenue doesn’t belong to the club.

“That’s the arrangement that is there, it’s all about the boss getting what he deserves from his club because it’s his property, right now, and he can do whatever he wants with it.”

Dynamos are struggling in the championship race and find themselves 10 points behind leaders Manica Diamonds.

Their four wins, including one decided in the boardroom, have all come against promoted sides.

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