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WHAT about Marvelous Nakamba’s role in Luton’s rise to the English Premiership being immortalised in a Hollywood movie?

Well, in the event the Hatters beat Coventry City at Wembley tomorrow, club legend, Mick Harford, believes a film should be made about their adventure.

Of course, there will be a part for the Zimbabwe midfielder whose arrival, on loan in January, provided Luton Town with the missing link.

Should they secure promotion into the EPL, Luton would have risen from the depths of the Conference to the Premier League, and Harford says that will deserve a movie starring Brad Pitt.

The 64-year-old former star spent 18 months as manager back in 2008 and then returned as chief recruitment officer in January 2016.

“I think they should make a film out of it if we do get promoted, I think they should and I think they will.

“It is Luton’s biggest game in their history in terms of where we are and the context of where we are at the moment in my opinion.

“If you get into the promised land we get a vast amount of money and we can build the stadium and that stadium will secure our future for a long time.”

Asked who would play him if such a film is ever commissioned, he continued: “No idea! Who’s got a broken nose and a dodgy knee eh?

“Who would play me? It has got to be Brad Pitt hasn’t it?!”

Harford was at the club right back when the current journey began, appointed manager in January 2008, unable to prevent them dropping into League Two. He then saw the FA decide to mete out a 30-point deduction, the most any team has received in their history, for the following season, meaning relegation out of the Football League was virtually a certainty before a ball had even been kicked. – Luton Today/Sports Reporter

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