Mash East chef steals show

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Mash East chef steals show Angela Mlayi


 Mary Mutamiri

A MASHONALAND East chef yesterday left Zimbabwe Agricultural Show goers in awe of her unique indigenous cuisines.

Angela Mlayi established her own brand name “The Patriotic Chef” in May after winning the First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa’s cookout competition on Africa Day.

Angela showcased traditional home-cooked dishes like dovi burgers, zviyo pizza, pumpkin shawarma, cabbage bread and wuyu yogurt, among other indigenous products.

Motivated by the motto “Decolonising the kitchen for total African Freedom”, Angela said she uses indigenous ingredients to help preserve the nation’s health.

“What really motivated me to be a unique traditional chef is my diabetic mother. It used to be very hard to cope because of her diet restrictions.

“I just thought of making traditional delicious foods, with indigenous ingredients, to suit people that are diabetic so that they enjoy what everyone else is enjoying,” she said.

Apart from preparing food for diabetic patients, Angela also challenged tourists to sample indigenous food.

“The other thing that I am concerned about is our tourism sector. 

“Tourists come to Zimbabwe and they should eat truly Zimbabwean indigenous food.

“This is where the patriotic idea comes from. 

“I am really proud of my country in each and every aspect of it,” said Angela.

“We are also aware that our children have been exposed to certain types of fast foods.

“I just decided to emulate the fast foods and came up with the idea of cooking traditional foods to suit our children in our own traditional style. Children have to get used to traditional foods and be proud of it,” said Angela.

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