Masike elated with Costa Rica tour

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Masike elated with Costa Rica tour Hope Masike


…EX-Q collabo ready

Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Diva Hope Masike says she feels excited to be back on stage after over a year as she performed at the inaugural International Day for the People of African Descendants recently held in Costa Rica.

International Day of People of African Descent, embraced by United Nations (UN) in 2020, seeks to celebrate the existence and recognising the works of the African diaspora around the world with the aim to eradicate all forms of discrimination against people of African descent.

Hope Masike on stage

In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Masike  said she has missed the live audience.


“It’s wonderful. We all had missed it so much. So there is greater appreciation of the opportunity now.


“I was so hungry for stage and the energy of a live audience and people were hungry too for live music. So it’s perfect.


“Even though it has been more than a year without stage performance, I was never rusty. The correct descriptive word is hungry,” said Masike.


Interestingly, Masike believes there is a connection between Costa Rica and Zimbabwe as she discovered the former country also has a national music instrument called marimba similar to ours.


“Zimbabwe and Costa Rica are siblings. The appreciation of Zimbabwean music here is other-worldly. And maybe I can explain it: the National instrument of Costa Rica is called ‘marimba’ and it looks exactly like our marimba too except that theirs are chromatic.


“How an instrument is found in two different countries that are the Atlantic and many other things apart is an interesting phenomenon! But one can easily see we certainly were once one people.


“So because of this, our mbira and marimba music resonates so well with audiences here. And every performance has been highly spiritually charged,” she said.


Masike therefore said she saw this event as a perfect opportunity to cement the relations with the African descendants through music.


“The events at which I was performing also fitted very well with Zimbabwean music.


“Celebrations of the launch of the International Day of the People of African Descents is the perfect platform to solidify our oneness, African and all its children who are everywhere else in the world.


“And African music from our ancestors is a natural glue,” she told this publication.


Masike performed in front of respected dignitaries such  as the First Vice President of Costa Rica HE Epsy Campbell Barr, the Ghanaian King of The Akwamu Kingdom, Odeneho KWAFO AKOTO III, the Regional Director of UNFPA Latin America and the Caribbean Mr Harold Robinson and other dignitaries.


Meanwhile, the Afro jazz musician has a collaboration with the legend Urban Groover Ex-Q ready for release this month.


“I did a special song which features ExQ. It’s called ‘Shuwa’. It encourages all of us to get up and fight for the life we believe we deserve.


“If there are abusive people in your life, you can get up and look for help so that you fight for your rights.


“I can’t wait to share this single with you, this September,” said Masike.

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