Masike ends European tour

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Masike ends European tour


. . . focuses on local shows

AFTER a successful tour of Europe, mbira player Hope Masike, wants to focus on her local shows in the last quarter of the year.

Hope, who has just returned from Netherlands, said she was delighted to be given a special opportunity to talk about Zimbabwe, its youths and how to inspire younger generations to write a brighter narrative of Africa at large.

In an interview with H-Metro, Masike says attention shifts to the local front.

“I am back home from a tour of part of Europe. So for the rest of my year I have a gig roster focusing on Zimbabwe.

“My plan is to finish off the year with my fans here, sharing my new very energetic show called ‘Mbira Magic,” she said.

Masike said she was also busy in the studio.

“This year, my main focus was finishing off my third album. It was just not getting finished so it becomes one of my main challenges I was facing this year.

“I am happy to announce that the album is finally done. It started here at home at Monolio Studios then got finished in Norway with producer and drummer Eric Nylender. This album has been both, a huge challenge in the beginning then a delightful achievement for me.”

She added:

“My new project sounds quite different from my last two. So I am hoping it will be a pleasant surprise for my fans.

“This year I had many tours that I did outside the country .I performed in Netherlands, Norway and France. My highlight of the tour was my very first performance in Netherlands at the Red Ribbon Concert.

“Besides the great fact that the royal family was part of my audience, I was also very delighted to be given a special opportunity to speak about Zimbabwe, its youths and how we are a generation inspired to write a brighter narrative for our country and Africa at large.”

“I also performed in Grahamstown also with Mahube, and we managed to record our entire album.

Hope also revealed fellow artistes a piece of advice.

“Be the king of your destiny, whatever background you are coming from. Fight for your place on earth.

Plan then in faith and clever/hard work, go for it, female or male,” said Masike.

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