Maria Chiguvari

MBIRA player and author, Hope Masike is set to launch her fourth book on February 9 and 14 in Bulawayo and Harare.

The book, which will be available starting this morning, is a Valentine’s Day gift.

Titled “Our Sacred Place”, this project is Masike’s fourth book having so far published “Ask Me Again”, “Dzevabvazera” and “Die with Me”.

The book is a collection of poems based on the book ‘Song of Solomon’ from the Bible and Masike gave it the nickname “The Love Bible”.

“It’s going to be yet another special and memorable evening with a unique dinner, magical mbira music and love poetry.

““Our Sacred Place” is a poetry and short story book inspired by ‘Song of Solomon’ and written with love.

“I’ve nicknamed it the ‘Love Bible.’

“The poems are about love according to how I interpreted the Song of Solomon.”

She added:

“Love is universal and the strength of most communities rests on the positive functionality of the family nucleus, which is heavily affected by love or our definition of it.

‘I nicknamed this book ‘The Love Bible’ because the hope is that it helps couples to respect and nurture their love.

“Thank you so much for your love for my last three books. 

“And as we launch “Our Sacred Place”, I hope you will embrace it with even more love because love is important and should be beautiful.”

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