Maskiri changing sound, rebranding image

Maria Chiguvari

MUSICIAN Alishias “Maskiri” Musimbe is rebranding his image and changing his sound.

His new manager, Elias “TheSpear” Nyamaropa, says Maskiri is confronting the future in a different way and confident of making a huge impact.

“Maskiri’s music is labelled as urban grooves instead of hip hop, so the idea is to rebrand his image and change his sound.

“The rebranding provides an opportunity to refresh his image, connect with new audiences, showcase artistic growth and share new stories and experiences.

“The goal is to ensure his audience views him the way he intended. As a team, we want to put him back on the market,” he said.

As part of his rebranding strategy, Maskiri has undertaken several key actions to transition from his urban grooves image to a hip hop image.

“He is going to change producers, as a hip hop artist he must be seen on shows that involve other hip hop artists like Bling 4 and Holy Ten. His fans should expect a change by the end of April when he releases new music with a different sound,” he said.

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