Masks on please

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Masks on please


OUR story today, headlined “Footballers urged to adhere to Covid-19” could not have come at a better time.

The story encourages footballers in the country to adhere to Covid-19 pandemic regulations to reduce the chances of being infected but the warning applies to all of us.

One does not have to be a footballer to heed this warning as Covid-19 cases are increasing all over the country.

People are beginning to take Covid-19 for granted. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world have fallen victim to this pandemic and died.

So while the warning by Prince Ngwabi, a co-director of Zifa Mashonaland West Province division two side, Chinhoyi Rangers, for footballers to adhere to Covid-19 regulations is good for footballers, all sportpersons and citizens of the country can also benefit from the same.

Like Ngwabi says, it is imperative for players (and everyone in Zimbabwe) to heed the call by health Officials to observe the wearing of masks, washing hands with sanitizers and practicing social distancing all the time.

Of late we have been failing Zimbabwe, we need to change.

These are not normal times. Zimbabwe, the world, is in a crisis.

Covid-19 is here and it is decimating the world.

Travelling in or around the country is still discouraged.

There shall be no gatherings around bars, nightclubs, beerhalls, movie houses, swimming pools, gymnasiums and sporting activities unless the latest restrictions allows these.

Gatherings of 50 people and above remain banned.

All efforts from government to stop the spread will not help if people’s attitude towards the virus do not change.

All the measures tabled are nothing if we do not change our behavior.

We do not want our situation to degenerate into cases we cannot manage. We need to act; there is no time to waste.

We are failing to react proportionately to this beast called Covid-19. The beast is prowling and we act as if we cannot see it.

Of late, it has been business as usual in the country despite measures announced by government. Ever since the cases started to come down, people have gone back to default settings and begun to treat Covid-19 like the common flu.

The government must be sterner and more proactive. We already have enough examples of the kind and amount of damage Covid-19 can cause from other countries. Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes. Why not cut to the chase and put measures that may be painful for society today but safeguarding it at the same time?

Some measures have been taken but implementing them is another thing.

We are reacting instead of preventing.

Let us be forewarned and know that measures will be toughened if cases shoot up. Masks on please.

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