Masowe YeChishanu members urged to unite

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Masowe YeChishanu members urged to unite


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

MEMBERS of The Johanne Masowe YeChishanu have been urged to remain united by taking the doctrine of the sect forward.

The church has been rocked by divisions and one of the long serving members Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa, is preaching the gospel of unity amongst the members.

The Bulawayo based prophet is currently in Harare ministering and praying for different people and individuals.

Said Madzibaba Mutumwa:

“We have people who are tarnishing the name of our church Johanne Masowe YeChishanu.

“These people are masquerading as members of the church yet they are not, vachibvisa vanhu vedu kumasowe vachivaendesa kune mamwe machurch.

“So I am saying the real members of the sect should neither be moved nor be shaken and all those who are taking the church into disrepute must stop it.

“We are in Harare praying for the city, we have people who came to Bulawayo claiming to be members of the Johanne Masowe, so we are saying to our members don’t tolerate anyone claiming to be one of us yet they are not.

“I am in Harare, and I am praying for our Capital City, Harare to be saved, people should be saved from their problems.”

Added Madzibaba:

“All members of Johanne Masowe YeChishanu should keep praying for our city and all those people who are fake in all the churches, we also pray for them.

“We want to keep the name of the church in good shape, we don’t want people who are tarnishing our church.

“We are in Harare to raise standards and Harare should be blessed and there is no church like Johanne Masowe YeChishanu, ndiyo church inofanira kupindwa.

“Hatidi vanhu vanonyangadza zita rechurch and everyone should be happy because of this church,” said Madzibaba Emmanuel.

Madzibaba Emmanuel also hailed the church members for building toilets at their shrines.

“I am seeing many of our shrines have built nice toilets, matoilets anenge mahotera, it shows our church is growing, iri kuenda mberi.

“I encourage our prophets in Harare, to keep praying, vasanyanye kutora mari dzevanhu.

“Mapostori should be respected because of good deeds and I will be coming back again at a very soon date because we need to make the name of the church better.

“We are praying for our city because that’s where many problems start, and I thank members of the Johannes Masowe for uplifting the standards of the church.

“We condemn the fake people and I am happy things are doing well in our church.”

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