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5 June 2018


. . . NAC dismisses claims, encourages drugs uptake

TONGUES were left wagging in Masvingo’s central business district last week when a self-styled prophet parked his vehicle with posters inscribed claims that he treated HIV and Aids.

“We treat HIV and Aids” was inscribed right round the vehicle.

National Aids Council has since dismissed the claims while encouraging those infected to continue religiously taking their medication.

NAC provincial coordinator Evos Makoni dismissed the man as a “prophet of doom” and urged the public not to read much into these people’s claims.

He advised those who have been put on HIV treatment to continue adhering to their drugs, to reduce the viral load in their blood.

“I urge those living positively to religiously follow the treatment regime by adhering to their medication. The truth of the matter is no one has been cured of the disease apart from given life prolonging drugs and therefore no one should claim to cure HIV and Aids. These so called prophets retard the gains we have accrued over the years in the fight against HIV,” said Makoni.

He said people should not waste their money paying from “cleansing” as the only panacea to the diseases is taking own medication religiously.

“While government is willing to engage traditional healers on the fight of such diseases including cancer and tuberculosis, no person has since been identified as providing cure to such diseases the world over.”

Shoppers were treated to a free drama as the Prophet Agrippa Sithole (50) of Makoholi Research Institute about 30KM along Masvingo-Harare Highway,  as if in a trance , pointed to the sky with his hook-like knobkerrie  which he claimed, “wedged” great supernatural powers.

He said despite the belief that the diseases had no cure, save for the life prolonging antiretroviral drugs, a new ground was set to be broken-curing the deadly disease and saving the country from committing huge budgets on huge consignments of drugs.

Prophet Sithole claims he received a vision which took him through some training on how to deal with the afflictions affecting people of Masvingo and beyond. He said, despite being advised by God to start his own church, he was taking his time to do so as he did not want to be associated with any denomination, in an attempt to assist the plagued souls.

A divorcee, with three children aged 26, 23, and 17 –two girls and one boy to his name, said he first received a vision in 2009 but ignored it as he did not appreciate the meaning of his dream.

He said he only took the dream seriously in November last year after which he claimed:

“I was taken through spiritual training for three weeks but where I was trained remains my secret that no one else should know.”

He claimed that hundreds of HIV positive people were flocking to his house in the dead of the night and getting healed but he has advised them to testify to the public after a period of six months.

A driver with the research institute said the efficacy of his concoction cannot be scientifically proven because it’s beyond human comprehension.

“My concoction- a mixture of herbs and water -will be like ordinary water if tested in a laboratory because the powers that it has are beyond human mind. This water works wonders that I was told by the spirit that it will heal the continent and world at large.

“I was also advised to charge about $3000 per 500 milliliters but I asked for a downward review citing that people are victims of many economic challenges. I was then told to reduce the price to only $300,” he said.

He said HIV infection was a punishment from God against adultery and fornication that people are supposed to repent from their immoral behaviour adding that if one testifies before a huge spectacle, he or she can be healed.

“The HIV pandemic came as punishment to adulterers and fornicators, as such infections were not there before. However, God has sent me to heal people of the diseases as long as they drink three bottles- one is supposed to be taken without eating anything and the other two are taken after a meal. If one comes to me and testifies before a huge crowd of his shenanigans, he or she will be healed of the virus without taking the concoction.”

He said he has since resorted to attending to his clients from midnight to 5am to save them from stigmatization.

“To avoid stigmatisation of my clients I have started accepting visits at midnight three times a week. I do it on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Most HIV positive people were shy to reveal their statuses during day light and visiting me at night with most of them contacting me on my mobile  phone for  appointment,” he said.

Prophet Sithole does not mix with people, neither does he greet anyone when using his concoctions for he claims that, “my purity will be compromised.”

He said, despite those who despised his prowess, he said many people already bore testimony to his works.

A senior pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission, Pastor Garcia Mundondo advised people not to tarnish the Word of God claiming that they can heal what the Creator has seen is beyond human mind.

“No-one should abuse God’s name by claiming that the Holy spirit has told him he can cure HIV. The drugs that those infected take are a result of God’s spirit. I think this self-styled prophet needs deliverance so that he will not take people for granted,” said Pastor Mundondo


(From Walter Mswazie in Masvingo)

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