Masvingo serial thieves jailed

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Masvingo serial thieves jailed


Walter Mswazie in Masvingo 

TWO serial Masvingo thieves who have been giving residents of sleepless nights have been nabbed and sentenced to a combined 72 months in jail.

Tinashe Shumba (23) and Lloyd Makudo (24) of Mucheke who were jointly charged were handed 36 and 42 months in jail each on more than 35 counts of stealing people’s property that include clothes.

Shumba had six months conditionally suspended while his accomplice Makudo had another six months were added from a previous conviction of a similar nature that he served and had six months suspended.

Appearing before Masvingo Magistrate, Patience Madondo, Shumba and Makudo pleaded not guilty to all the 35 counts of theft.

Madondo however, convicted the pair due to overwhelming evidence and sentenced them to 36 months each in jail.

She however, suspended six months for five years on Shumba on condition of good behaviour but added back six months on Makudo, from the previous conviction.

Magistrate Patience Madondo said the two had developed a culture of depriving innocent residents of their prized property without any restraint.

She said Makudo had shown that he was an unrepentant thief who, despite having had previously being convicted and jailed, repeated to commit the same offence.

“You have demonstrated to the society that you cannot live well with other residents as you deprived them of their prized property, stealing clothes and electrical gadgets. You also stole people’s money and you had no right to do that.

“You deserve deterrent sentences so that it will send the correct message to would be offenders,” said Magistrate Madondo.

“Surprisingly the second accused (Makudo) you have other previous cases where you were convicted and jailed but it seems reformation has failed on you. The court therefore has added back the six months that were suspended in your previous convictions,” she said.

Prosecutor Mapako said between January and June this year the two acted in common purpose to steal from residents’ house during the night and they targeted clothes among their loot.

He said the pair would use duplicate keys to gain entry into people’s houses during the wee hours of the night before getting away with clothes.

In some instances they would threaten to harm the complaints if they dared scream or react and the pair was also in possession of duplicate keys, which they used to open the doors before taking property and leaving unnoticed.

“They committed these offences in Rujeko and Mucheke High school,” said Mapako.

He said lady luck could not smile on the pair when the complaints reported the matter to the police and leading to their arrest early this month.

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