Mateo & Friends reunion

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Mateo & Friends reunion From left Mathew Kaunda, Patience Musa and Willom Tight


Tanaka Mahanya

AFTER keeping fans guessing for years, the long wait is over!

The party is on tomorrow at Theatre in the Park when Mathew Kaunda, Willom Tight and Patience Musa hold a reunion show.

It’s a show not to be missed as the trio rekindles memories of Mateo & Friends when they used to rock the airwaves and the small screen.

The group’s popular hit ‘‘Pamuhacha’’ is still a hit with fans.

And, watching the composers perform it live, would be an awesome experience.

The band will be returning to the podium with a lot of expectations, thanks to Rooftop Promotions.

Their three-hour performance starts at 6pm.

In a statement, Rooftop Promotions producer, Daves Guzha, said it was now time to appreciate local talent and content by bringing back those who had parted ways or stopped their music business.

“Mateo and Friends have done much in music, hence they deserve to be welcomed and celebrated,” said Guzha, who is credited for weaning off a number of artists.

Similar sentiments were echoed by band manager, Godfrey Mbanga, who expressed hope and excitement towards the return of the trio.

“We are looking forward to a memorable show as the group holds a reunion show.

“Mateo and Friends used to be a popular brand before they went separate ways,” said Mbanga. 

Tickets are currently on sale and are going for US$10.

After their split, Willom Tight went on to combine forces with Dino Mudondo.

The two parted ways with Dino forming the Rasta Kwasa Family and Willom assembling the Tight Family.

Patience Musa went solo before venturing into broadcasting.

She has since joined the corporate world  but still has a passion for broadcasting.

Kaunda quit music to concentrate on his religious mission after converting to Christianity.

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