Maud shares life journey

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Maud shares life journey Maude Chifamba


3 October 2018

Maude Chifamba

WHIZKID Maude Chifamba believes it takes confidence, good values and right decisions for one to be a real queen.

She said this in her motivational speech to high school girls who attended the TelOne-QueenMakers Girl Child Empowerment programme held in the capital.

“By following your dreams, you will manage to attain more than what people could imagine.

“Your background must never be the setback from being a go-getter instead it should motivate you to do better.

“Never underestimate the power within you in making a difference in your country and world at large,” she said.

Chifamba said a girl child should take the sky as her only limit when it comes to achieving goals and should become an inspiration to the next generation.

“Doing what you love makes you good at your work as hard work and passion brings good results.

“As a girl child you must not allow critics or society beliefs stop you from being on the top of the world.

“We need to be pace setters showing males that we can do better and the era of relying on them is long gone,” she said.

Chifamba also said that girls should strive to be the first one to succeed in that particular field, leave good footsteps and make your life an inspiration to people around you.

“Engage yourself in those things that people think girls will never do and prove them otherwise.

“It doesn’t matter how people view your profession, being good at it will make the world adjust to your choices.

“It’s never too let when it comes to becoming successful in making a change to your country,” said she said.

Chifamba said children in high density high schools must get exposure to the real world were women can actually make it in life.

“The people you associate with will determine the path you are likely going to take, therefore, one needs to be careful.

“Doing everything without good values will never take you anywhere, hence, strive to have a good personality that people in cooperate world falls in love with.

“Nomatter how hard the road seems to be, never give up because there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

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