Maungira Edenga off to Botswana

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Maungira Edenga off to Botswana


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Kwekwe based gospel outfit Maungira Edenga is expected to leave the country next week for Botswana where they are expected to spend a week in Gaborone.

It will be Maungira Edenga’s second visit to Botswana and they are set to grace the first anniversary of Global Proclamation of Salvation Ministries set for May 29 to June 2.

The ensemble is led by twin brothers Everson and Sylvester Mutema.

In an interview, Sylvester said they can’t wait to reunite with gospel lovers in Botswana.

“It’s our second time to be in Botswana for a show and we are looking forward to cement our relationship with people who are in Botswana.

“We went there last year and we delivered our best.

“Being our second time it we means we are supposed to do better than we did last time.

“The opportunity increases our fan base and we promise never to put a wrong foot whenever we get an opportunity to entertain people,” he said.

In another interview, Everson echoed similar sentiments and promised to continue raising the flag of Zimbabwe.

“We are going to raise the flag high and it’s also an opportunity for us to market our culture as well as our music.

“We are humbled to be part and parcel of musicians who are getting an opportunity to entertain people outside the country.

“Every artiste wishes to get such an opportunity.

“Due to the difference of culture and language we will be also singing our hymns in Tswana.

“We have started rehearsing our songs in Tswana to make sure that there will be communication come the Botswana visit,” said Everson.

To date, Maungira Edenga has two albums to their credit namely Kuchema Kwevana ve Israeri and NaJesu Tichaonana.

Mutema brothers

Meanwhile, the choral group is working on a new single titled Vazhinji vanayo Nhaka set to hit the market this winter.

Sylvester told this publication that they are also shooting the video to accompany the audio.

“We are releasing the video to complement the audio,” he said.

Asked whether they are surviving on music alone Sylvester said:

“Music is a calling but as you know things are not really well in our country we get little out of it, we can’t say we survive on music alone.

“Mining has kept us in the game and that’s why we are able to fend for our families.

“It helps us to go to the next stage because we need money to have a studio time, food, market music and transport among other things.”

The six-member group, made up of musicians drawn from the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe believes the Botswana visit will act as a religious tourism.

“We are going to market our Methodist values in Botswana, raise the flag high and also our culture.

“We give credit to our district Bishop Simba who continues to encourage and pray for us in these trying times.

“Mother Chimuka, a Zambian based artiste is also giving us the direction and also business man Courage Mugabe is also financially supporting us.

“Our special thanks go to Pastor Anniefas and wife who are behind the Botswana tour,” said Everson.






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