Mayor raises concern over liquor outlets

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Mayor raises concern over liquor outlets Mayor Manyenyeni


5 April 2018

Mayor Manyenyeni

HARARE City Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni has raised concern over the increasing number of liquor outlets in Harare.

Manyenyeni says the number of outlets are increasing and becoming a health hazard.

“Are we becoming a ‘bottle store’ city where booze is the leading retail product in Harare?

“City-wide, liquor outlets are becoming the only game in town at every shopping Centre?

“Picking just a few spots like Highfield (pamaStones), Newlands (Murandy Square), Sunridge (Albury Road), Kuwadzana 6 (best “gango” place in Harare), Hillside (paHuku), Glen Norah, Marlborough (Civic Centre) – you can pick many others,” he said.

He added:

“Throw in such key issues as ablution, litter, parking and noise pollution, we are villagising this City!

“I enjoyed my bachelor days in Old Highfield. The place only had five or so bottle stores (less than butcheries).

“On my suburban stroll, we counted around 20 liquor outlets at pama Stones.

“No new houses, so roughly the same population.

“As for Warren Park – (paMereki) we won’t even comment. This one is a “Special Economic Zone” for the breweries.

“These many liquors places don’t make a city, a city,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents living in the Avenues area near Montague Shopping Centre are living in fear of disease outbreaks due to the absence of sanitary facilities for boozers at Fiesta Bottle Store.

The Bottle Store does not provide toilets and revellers are relieving themselves by the precast walls of nearby flats.

A bad smell wafts around the area, affecting residents, retailers and shoppers operating around the area.

City’s spokesperson Michael Chideme said Council is “looking at the matter and will soon take corrective measures about the toilet issue”.

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