Mbare Boys host Tocky Vibes

07 May, 2021 - 11:05 0 Views
Mbare Boys host Tocky Vibes Tocky Vibes


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South Africa based Mbare Boys is set to host dancehall star Tocky Vibes tomorrow.

The show has been set for Innocent Pub and Restaurant.


After a successful show last Sunday with with Nox, Enzo Ishall and Jah Signal, Fadiga of Mbare Boys promised yet another entertaining show.


“We had a massive bash last Sunday and this Saturday we continue with the trend as we host Tocky Vibes.


” Tocky is a crowd puller and loved by many so we are really looking forward to another big show.


“This bash is also special to us as we are celebrating the life of our fallen soldier.


” We will be celebrating the life of Mugo who recently passed on.


“Mugo was a close friend and we played soccer together at Legends football club at social league in Johannesburg.


“We celebrate his life and pray he is in a better place.


” Special mention also goes out to friends Promise, Tindo and Teddy who are helping us with organise the event.”


Fadiga added:


” We have more shows coming up and we are hoping that this winter season we will host Winky D for one of our shows.”

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