Runyararo Ndaramo

VENDORS say the Mbare bus terminus is slowly turning into a garbage dump site.

They have once again raised concern over uncollected garbage and sewage bursts in the area.

They say this is driving away potential customers.

They claim the Harare City Council is not fulfilling its duties to ensure the area is kept clean.

Some feel the area is a ticking bomb and there is risk of cholera or other diseases breaking out.

Many potential customers are now avoiding the market area, due to the filthy environment, leading to reduced sales for vendors.

They said the rank is now used as a dumpsite.

“It’s sewage everywhere.

Vana vedu vanotambira patsvina vachitsvaga mapepa ekugadzira mabhora nezvinhu zvekutambisa.

“We are now afraid kuti vachabata cholera,” said one vendor, Mai Mponya.

Another vendor, Takunda, said he had lost business due to the sewage.

“It used to be busy here, but now business is low due to garbage and sewage around here,” he said.

“These tuck-shops will soon close because of the dirt and sewage stench here.

“Sewage inongoyerera pese pese.”

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