Mbare businessman ordered to pay US$50 in maintenance

Gamuchirai Bhachi

MBARE businessman, Tafadzwa Mudzengerere, was yesterday ordered to pay US$50 in maintenance for his three-year-old child with Rutendo Katsumbe.

Katsumbe had demanded US$200, claiming that Tafadzwa took home US$1 000 a month from his welding company.

“I want him to maintain his child with US$200. He is a welder and earns US$1 000 per month and he can pay the money,” said Rutendo.

She alleged that Tafadzwa  was taking care of his wife’s relatives, but neglecting his own blood.

Tafadzwa, however, argued that he could not afford to pay US$200 in maintenance as he already had financial responsibilities, including caring for his younger brother’s child and his ill father in Mutoko.

“I can give her US$30 because I have a wife and a child, and I cannot afford her claim,” said Tafadzwa.

Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini ordered him to pay US$50.

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