Mbare Musika in total LOCKDOWN

31 Mar, 2020 - 15:03 0 Views
Mbare Musika in total LOCKDOWN


Zvikomborero Parafini, H-Metro Reporter

Zimbabwe’s largest market Mbare Musika complied with President Mnangagwa’s call for a 21-day lockdown which started yesterday in a bid to fight the fast spreading coronavirus (Covid-19).

The market, which is usually pulsating with life with hundreds of traders bringing their fresh farm produce daily for sale from across the country, was empty as traders heeded the President’s call and stayed at home in the wake of Covid-19 which has claimed thousands of lives across the world.

The crafts market where people usually do curio shopping, sculpting and sell varieties of traditional herbs was completely deserted.

Mupedzanhamo, which is known for second hand clothes, was also lifeless and is usually the busiest in Mbare.

The bus terminus was empty without a single bus as people have been told to stop travelling unnecessarily in order to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Harare Central Business District was thronged with police officers and municipal police officers who ordered people who were loitering in town to go home to save themselves from COVID-19.

There were several checkpoints in the CBD where the police where checking authenticity that one belonged to critical service providers, journalists were being asked to produce their press cards and civil servants to produce their Civil service commission cards.

People using public transport were seen queuing for Zupco buses which were the only transporters allowed to transport to and from work and some told H-Metro that there were a few buses transporting people to town.

“There was just one bus from Mt Pleasant today and the process of coming to town was also made slower because they are a strictly observing social distancing so each person is sitting by themselves so it is carrying fewer passengers,” said one of the passengers who spoke on anonymity.



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