Mbare residents plead for sewage action

Tafadzwa Mapepa

MBARE residents have expressed concerns over sewage leaks, which they say pose a serious health risk.

Despite raising the issue with the local authority, no action has been taken to find a resolution to the problem. 

Residents are now taking hygiene measures such as ensuring food is thoroughly cooked, children wash their hands, and drinking water is boiled. 

However, with sewage leaks having a negative impact on local businesses, vendors are now calling for active community involvement and regular progress updates to be given by council.

Mai Taku, a long-time Mbare resident, said they had been living with sewage leaks for too long. 

“Our health is at risk, and we deserve immediate action from those in charge. We are now spraying our homes to kill green flies,” she said.

Another resident, Mai Nellisa, said it’s only a matter of time before their children get sick.

“It is now hard, especially for our kids, because sometimes they forget to follow health precautions. But we are trying our best to maintain their hygiene and protect them.

“The sewage has severely affected my business. Customers are reluctant to buy from us due to the unbearable stench.”

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