Mbare residents protest against ZESA

29 Jun, 2018 - 16:06 0 Views
Mbare residents protest against ZESA


29 June 2018

Some of the residents in Mbare National yesterday protested against ZESA over failure to rectify the electricity problem that has been affecting them for several weeks now.

A group of close to 30 people visited the Mbare ZESA branch in a bid to have the authorities fix the fault that has left them with no electricity in their homes.

The residents say ZESA has not effectively fixed the fault which has made them go on an ON and OFF programme when it comes to having electricity in their houses.

“This problem has become too much, we have been facing this electricity problem for too long now.

“In the past few weeks we have been having trouble to have electricity in our homes,  if it’s there it’s there for a few hours then it’s gone and when they say the problem is fixed the electricity is there for a day or two then it’s gone again.

“For weeks now this has been happening and now this is now costing us, we have unnecessary expenses just because we have no electricity in our homes.

“It’s causing us a lot of inconvenience so we felt if we come in numbers then maybe they can take our problem seriously ,” said one Priscillah Marume.

One Stella Bill added:

“It has become dangerous for us as we are now living in fear of crime.

“Some might want to take advantage of the situation and God knows what they will be up to in the dark.

“Our families and property are not safe in these conditions; ZESA needs to do something urgently.”

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