Mbeu seeks tax relief on instruments

07 May, 2021 - 11:05 0 Views
 Mbeu seeks tax relief on instruments Mbeu


Pretiosa Chimuti, Entertainment Reporter

MUSICIAN Mbeu has suggested that import duty on musical instruments should be relaxed to enable artistes’ growth.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mbeu said artistes should have their own instruments for the local music industry to improve.


“For the music business to become better, we probably need relaxed duty on equipment for producing the music. If the taxes are reduced, the process of producing music will be better for we will be able to import the latest equipment and our music will improve,” said Mbeu.


The Pakare Paye Arts Centre protégé believes such policies will also benefit the fans since musicians would be able to produce quality products.


He said revisiting the import duty of musical instruments will also see a reduction in production fees and benefit budding artistes who are struggling to raise funds for recording.


The Mavanga hit-maker said music is a therapy that helps everyone in the community and should be given priority.


“We are glad that the community is also using music and some are even testifying that it saves them from many things as some will be going through rough pages but after listening to some of our music, they feel better,” he said.


A number of musicians in the country are assembling their own record labels but have been bemoaning high costs in importing some of the equipment.


This has seen some studios and companies charging exorbitant fees for recording sessions and public address systems.

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