Mbira Princess in cultural drive

11 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Mbira Princess in cultural drive Sasha Madhuve


Tichavona Makonese

MBIRA princess, Sasha Madhuve, has urged people to uphold the value of culture.

She said culture was important in the identity and strength of people.

“Our culture is our heritage and our identity as a nation. It defines who we are, where we are going and where we are coming from.

 “It is not just the spiritualism part of it that should be discussed but the importance of it in our society.

 “When you pay lobola, you are practicing our culture, when you pay mombe yeumai, that’s our culture, so our culture is broad.

“It’s amazing to see how society is now positively embracing Mbira and other cultural practices,” said Sasha.

The heir apparent to Edna “Mbuya Madhuve” Chizema, said she was happy to be playing her part.

“Some years ago, it was difficult to associate yourself with our cultural practices, people would call you all forms of evil names.

“Now people know me as the ambassador of my culture, heritage, tradition and the phobia is fast disappearing.

“I think colonialism and religion had created this negative perception about our good culture and we have to keep educating our people till they know it’s not evil.

“It’s the best thing we have that defines us,”

Sasha was inspired by the likes of Mbuya Madhuve, Mbuya Stella Chiweshe, Mbuya Beullah Joko.

“We continue to honour them through music and dance. On our new album, we have a song which was written by Mbuya Madhuve that we did.

“She passed on before finishing the recordings and we just finished the work as a way of honouring and keeping her legacy alive.

“The song is called Zelusile and the album is Mutsindo,” she added.

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