Mbira songbird set to release debut album

Nyasha Kada

Mbira songbird, Tanaka Chikati, is set to release her debut extended play (EP) titled Midzi.

The three-track compilation will be launched at Alliance Française on December 7.

Tanaka, who goes by the stage name, SunniChi, said her music is inspired by the beautiful authentic sound of mbira.

“It is inspired by my roots, kwandinobva, all the teachings I have received from my parents, grandparents, and how these have shaped me to become the woman I am today.

“The album is also about being proud of my identity, kuva muera Hanga, mutauro wedu wechiShona.

“Hopefully it will infect other people of my generation who aren’t as invested in knowing where they come from and what their totem is with a sense of curiosity and pride within those Zimbabwean indigenous knowledge systems for our cultural heritage,” she said.

The 22-year-old US-based singer is already in the country preparing for the EP launch.

She has also released a new single titled Unonzani off the EP.

“The launch is really more of a showcase or celebration of the arts.

“It is meant to inspire people to see that there are many ways you can be involved in and support the arts.”

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