Mbudzi roundabout impassable again

11 Jun, 2021 - 09:06 0 Views
Mbudzi roundabout impassable again


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

Mushikashika operators have immediately become a menace at Harare’s Mbudzi round about taking advantage of space created by the removal of illegal stalls by council.

The kombis which normally ply the Ushewekunze, Southlea Park and Stoneridge are also causing delay in movement of traffic.

Police moved in to disperse defiant mushikashika

When H-Metro arrived at the scene police had moved in to man the road dispersing the mushikashika to allow smooth flow of traffic.

Last year, government banned all kombis from operating as a preventive measure to curb the novel virus save for a few allowed under the Zupco banner.

It was also business as usual for illegal food vendors who are now back on the roadside and conducting their businesses in the open.

A few defiant illegal traders are still hanging on to remains of their demolished structures where they are still welcoming customers.

Defiant traders are still conducting business at demolition sites

The joint operation has to date seen a clamp down on illegal traders operating businesses along road servitude in Waterfalls’ Zindoga and Parktown area facing demolitions.

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