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Heiress apparent to the late Edna “Mbuya Madhuve” Chizema’s throne Sasha Lushomwa reckons mbira music is here to stay, writes Trust Khosa.

Sasha, who passed through the late mbira player’s tutelage in High, said she was guided by the departed diva in her career.

The energetic performer and spiritualist who enjoys rave reviews with her late single titled Nehanda said she started the year on a flier.


And having her song been made a challenge on social media, especially TikTok has come as a plus to the phenomenal thumb piano and hand rattles player.

“I’m grateful to the Almighty and my ancestors for guiding me to continue with my calling as a mbira artiste.


“Each time I reflect on my career, I see the greatness and a bright future and as such, I have been releasing singles to keep my fans entertained on Covid-19 induced lockdown.


“I have since recorded a number of singles namely 2-timer, Machinda, Madhunamutuna and Nehanda which has been embraced by many.


“It feels good when fans embrace us as artistes because we sing for them and mbira music is here to stay, thanks to great pioneers like Mbuya Maduve who are guiding us from wherever they are,” she said.


Sasha, who recorded Madhunamutuna at Monolio Studios and Machinda at KOM studios said it was a marvel working with revered producers.


Like most of her peers, Sasha conceded that she was not spared from the effects of Covid-19 since she lost her source of income.


“We are now living in difficult times since the lockdown was harsh on me, considering the fact I used to I earn my living as a performing artiste and the stage had become my hunting ground.


“However, I managed to secure a few private gigs for family functions and I have been hiring out my PA system to make ends meet.


“Besides managing to bring food on the table, let me say I miss the stage a lot, the cheering make a huge a difference,” she said.


Prior to the lockdown, Sasha was unquestionably one of the most active divas along with Selmor Mtukudzi, Diana Samkange, Ammara Brown, Tamy Moyo and Ammi Jamanda.


Last year, she managed to acquire a number of online shows, as most players in the creative sector have departed from the norm.


Others have since diversified and tried other career paths to bring food on the table.


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